We all tend to keep stress with ourselves, and let's be honest, if we manage to gather up the courage to talk about it to someone, we may find that their response only increases our anxiety. But does that mean we should silently ignore that emotional, mental, and physical strain we are experiencing? Absolutely not!

There are a lot of myths about the relationship between stress and sex. While some claim that stress negatively affects our romantic feelings towards our partner, others claim stress can damage your sex drive and libido forever.

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These myths are devastating! That is why it is essential to learn how stress actually affects your love life and sex drive.

Human beings have two nervous systems - sympathetic and parasympathetic. The sympathetic nervous system is the accelerator, while the parasympathetic nervous system is the brake. The sympathetic nervous system is used when one experiences difficulties and challenges in life.

This leads to the release of stress responders in the bodies. The heart rate increases, palms get sweaty, and a person experiences inner discomfort. All these things are just the body, providing a shot of energy to either fight the problems or run away from them.

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As soon as the challenge has been dealt with, the sympathetic nervous system will be relieved by the parasympathetic one. It doesn't sound any harm.

But When a person experiences stress over a long period, it may feel as though the nervous system has gotten stuck in the sympathetic mode. The body will work overtime, all the time, and the parasympathetic mode will never kick in.

Our sexuality goes hand in hand with our parasympathetic nervous system. Stress and sex drive do not mix. One cannot have a head full of 120 worries while also having great sex.

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When the sympathetic nervous system is active for an extended time, The body starts producing more cortisol, the stress hormone. The building blocks used in producing cortisol are the same building blocks used to produce the male sex hormone testosterone. Therefore, long-lasting stress symptoms can reduce the production of testosterone.

Sexuality is not only affected by hormones, but also by social, relational, and psychological factors. When stress hormones kick in, closeness is replaced by absence. It is impossible to be present – to listen and be interested in the people – if a person feels stressed out.

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When cortisol pumps through the body, it encourages the mind to fight. This leads to being aggressive towards partners. One might start to snap at or yell at people he typically loves having around. All of this doesn't leave much room for closeness with a partner, and slowly but surely, the intimacy starts to fall away.

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