Do you miss running your fingers through your hair where a silky mane once existed? Or the thought of brushing your hair leaves you in an unimaginable dread because you absolutely hate seeing a clump of your once alive hair on the floor?

Fret not, it is a more prevalent issue than you anticipated, and there’s definitely a cure for it. Pollution, lifestyle changes, and chemicals in shampoos contribute to the failing health of our tresses. Perhaps it is time to retrace our ancient roots and find the cure.

Even animals shed a lot of hair, but the question is to what extent are you experiencing hair loss. Experts say that hair fall of hundred strands a day is not alarming, but the problem arises when it is more than that or when the compensation for hair loss is at minimum.

While the market is abuzz with attention-grabbing hair products, there are just a few of them that give you an effective solution. It is advisable to do proper research of these products to avoid further hair loss and safeguard your hair from harmful chemicals.

One can also opt for some of the herbal treatments available in Ayurveda. Our ancestors, who swore by its magical medicinal properties, have applied this ancient medical system to other ailments along with hair loss.

Poor nutrition, erratic sleep, and stress wreak havoc to your hair health. All of this combined, results in toxin accumulation in your body. Ayurveda clearly states that bone health and hair fall is directly proportional to each other. Thinning of hair or receding hairline might be an indicator that your bones are suffering.

Before we talk about solutions to hair loss, it is imperative to grasp the basis of Ayurveda. As per Ayurveda scriptures, our entire system comprises five significant elements: air, space, water, earth, and fire, accompanied by 3 doshas – kapha, pitta, and vata. Ayurvedic gurus claim a perfect balance of these in our body can lead to glowing health. Doshas influence the significant functionalities of our bodies, be it the hair tint or the ailment that’s currently affecting us. A human body consists of two doshas exerting dominance over it.

Bhringraj, fenugreek, triphala, amla, and brahmi are some of the super herbs that can contribute to alleviating your hair woes.

Bhringraj, also known as Kehraaj, is excellent ammunition against your hair demons. It successfully retains the silky essence of your once lost hair and strengthens the hair follicles.

Fenugreek might not have the stamp of native residency, but its medicinal usage is well sung in the kitchen as well as in the health department. With a robust Vitamin A, Vitamin K, and Vitamin C portfolio, fenugreek seeds can surely remodel your hair to its original glory.

Amla No wonder our grandmothers swore by the vast applications of amla. As a rich source of vitamin C, it fastens the blood circulation process and reinvigorates the hair scalp.