People often stress on the importance of physical exercise in a person’s life. A healthy body inhabits a healthy mind. But what if the path to achieve that healthy body might take you to the undesirable destination of erectile dysfunction (ED)? Sounds scary, right? Don’t you worry though, we at Misters are here to dispel this query for you.

Cycling has been an essential part of everyone’s childhood, irrespective of their gender. Every boy has an intriguing story about their childhood cycle, but what if it is the cause of significant scarring for their manhood? Cycling aids in sustaining fitness and getting those goal-worthy calf muscles, but a few studies have brought to light how this fun exercise could be a cause of ED.

To understand the outrageous claims of the probable chances of ED induced by cycling, we need first to comprehend its logistics.

Technical Factor

The seat of the cycle is the real criminal here. The cycle seat is not exactly designed for uber comfort. If you sit on a cycle for a long period, it will add pressure on the area between the anus and the genital, called the perineum. If you ever feel a tingling or numbing sensation in your perineum right after a long cycling session, then it is the time to put the breaks on and let your muscles unwind.

Biological Factor

Why is the numbing or tingling sensation in the perineum region a problem, you might think? Well, it is a cause of concern because perineum plays a crucial role in supplying oxygenated blood to the penis, which then feels sensations that cause an erection. The perineum is a concentrated site of nerves and arteries, so losing sensation in that region due to prolonged cycling over a continuous period could result in ED.

What is the solution?

1.   Take a break: No one is going to stop you from taking the bike to work or take a lazy stroll on the beach with it. However, you need to cut down on the vigorous hours you might spend on it. Take small breaks in between if you cycle for hours on end to ensure that the blood supply to the perineum is not compromised.

2. Change the seat: The narrow, uncomfortable seat of the cycle might not seem like a big problem right now, but it will become a problem in the long run. So, get a padded, rectangular seat with more surface area to support your bottom.

3. Switch the attire: Before you jump to a conclusion, you don't need to update your entire wardrobe here, just wear cycling shorts or trousers that are cushioned with extra padding. Such clothes will act as a barrier between the friction of the cycle seat and your weak perineum.

There has not been extensive research that specifies cycling as the dominant cause of ED. There are still other significant factors that can lead to ED, so hold yourself back from throwing out your beloved cycle out of the door. Take the remedies seriously and cruise the world with your cycle because wise men say, “prevention is better than cure.”