Sex is one of the most potent and sensuous words that one can come across. Whether you are having sex, or just thinking about it, it is always there. Also, as someone said, sex without love is as ridiculous as love without sex.

So if you love your partner, why don’t you try the following 5 sex tricks, that can add that much-required zeal to your sex life, making sex a lot more fun, for both you and your partner.

1 Sexting: Yes, don’t underestimate the power of technology in your sex life, as well. Sexting is not only fun but provides for a sense of emotional intimacy. It also helps to make your sex life as exciting as when you had first met. Try building the mood for the night by sexting her throughout the day. One can vouch for it that the night won’t disappoint either of you.

2 Sensual touches: The way you touch your partner, can arouse her in ways more than you can imagine. Men and women both are equally sensitive to touches. Men prefer a little harder touch and women softer. So if it’s your lady love whom you gotta turn on, try soft, sensual touches. Your touch can be sexy and caring at the same time, both of which can do the magic. Try and explore her body in ways you have never done before. Also, if you like to be touched in a particular way or place, express the same to her. A touch of love and affection will make sex life great for both of you.

3 Lighting, scent, and music: For everything, there has to be the perfect environment. So building the right atmosphere for sex, is as important as good sex itself. Too brightly lit a room is a big no-no, and a dark room is no fun. A room dimly lit, either by candles or by dim lighting, is the perfect set up when it comes to sex. Music again is a big mood booster. Some good numbers that you both love can do the job. When it comes to smell, certain scents can help a person turn on. You don’t need to empty a bottle of cologne for this, but definitely smell nice and masculine. Similarly, a sweet feminine perfume applied by her can help turn you on.

4 Mattress: Don’t underestimate the power of your bedroom mattress. For good sex, a good mattress would make a great deal sense. A creaky, old, and lumpy mattress would only make sex less enjoyable. A soft mattress with proper cushioning will not only help in making the movements smoother but would also help in adequate penetration. Not to forget, the cozy feeling of a comfortable mattress is always a mood booster.

5 Swap lovemaking with sex: Sex doesn’t only mean intercourse. Let’s get out of the dictionary meaning of sex, to enjoy some real sex. It is a lot more than just that. It includes kissing, foreplay, sensual touches, lovemaking, hugging, massages, and a lot more. So next time you want to have sex, try making it more of lovemaking than sex. A mood-lifting oil massage, a warm bubble bath together, nibbling of neck, toes, stimulating your partner’s genitals, are ways in which you can actually enjoy some real sex along with intimate moments.