Good relationships rely on trust, respect, valuing each other, and lots of love. Every relationship is unique and different. Likewise, one’s expectations from a relationship are also different. Partners can have a different opinion on dating, love, sex, marriage, planning a family. One should be able to express themselves in a relationship. The only dating advice that has ever worked for all is ‘giving space to each other while being with each other.’ Caring about the little needs of your partner will make your bond stronger.

How vital is Intimacy?

Talking about sex can evoke all kinds of reactions. From shying, blushing, giggling, ignoring to confidently talking about it. Intimacy in a relationship is a deep-seated emotion that partners share with their mutual consent. Sex between couples is essential, but it is not mandatory. Men are often seen as less expressive about their emotions and love towards their partners. Sex can be a medium to show love and affection, and somehow makes you feel more secure in your relationship. An intimate relationship is just not about having sex; it is about bonding and making you feel essential and adequate.

The beau ideal of Healthy Relationship

Love is never forced. It is always earned. An ideal relationship is the one where partners feel safe and, most importantly, happy. Happiness is not about going over the top. It lies in the small things that you do for each other. And yes, it does have arguments, dislikes, and disagreements. Sex between couples is their own decision. Sex does have certain health benefits, and not having sex till you are not mentally prepared is fair enough.

Sex or not, here are some relationship tips that can help you build a great relationship.

  • Spend quality time with each other- Go out for walks, dates, and romantic drives, even if you are married or have children. One must always give preference to their partner.
  • Listen to each other- Your daily routine can have the same things repeated every day. It is crucial to initiate a conversation about your day or asking the same to your partner.
  • Plan out activities for each other- You can enroll together for different activities that your shared interests or make join as per partner’s preference.
  • Talk about your issues- If there are certain things you don’t like about your partner, talk them out politely, and there is no reason to rage over them.

The benefits of having sex

Sex has its health benefits. It elevates your mood and helps you to understand your partner. In fact, without it, none of us would be here. Sexual health is an indicator of underlying diseases. The other noteworthy benefits are:

  • Improves your natural immunity by releasing Endorphins.
  • It is a great stress buster.
  • Keeps you active.
  • Keeps heart diseases at the bay
  • Improves self-esteem
  • Better sleep

Lacking Intimacy won’t make your relationship lifeless but having sex has its advantages. Sex is an integral part of any relationship but not having it is a personal choice. If this decision is due to any issues with sexual function, you should talk to your partner and seek a bit of professional advice for it.