One of the key clarifications that we often find giving to our customers and consumers is that testosterone boosting should not be seen as a curative intervention. Men seeking to boost testosterone to find a quick fix for something that is bothering them are likely to be disappointed.

Take erections for example. Men with higher testosterone levels are more likely to get better erections, but if a man wants to 'fix' an erection issue they have to look at testosterone boosting as a contributing factor. It is essential, but on its own it will not fix the problem.

Taking a healthy supplement view of testosterone booster is important. Men can, in fact, borrow a cue from women who in their forties develop a strong daily habit of taking supplements for calcium, Vitamin D and other such for an overall better experience of ageing.

Therefore, Misters Daily Josh, unique in its proposition of being formulated with a herbal extract that is clinically proven to boost testosterone should be seen by men as a good daily habit that improves overall wellness.

Let us look at six reasons, apart from better sexual function, why boosting testosterone is a good idea for all men!

1. Better Sleep

As we know, with age we have more trouble falling asleep. We also have more trouble functioning properly when we do not get proper sleep. These changes are correlated to decline in testosterone in the Ageing Male Symptoms questionnaire, and therefore, creating a daily ritual around taking a testosterone booster is a good idea. And personally, as the writer of this blog, I can tell you that my 'sleep score' as calculated by my Fitbit, is up from around 75 to now 85, for six to seven hours of sleep since I started taking Misters Daily Josh every day.

2. Better mood

You know that comment that people make sometimes, "you used to be much more fun." Well, as men in our forties we all have heard some version of it. It is not as if we decided to get grumpier. Irritability, and also stress and anxiety, are correlated with a decline in testosterone with age, and testosterone declines regularly after peaking in our early twenties. And as better mood, in general, means a better social life, it makes total sense to add a testosterone booster to the daily routine.

3. Improved strength and muscle mass

All of us experience a decline in our strength as we age. Plus we lose muscle mass much faster than we used to. Even in these times, as men our sense of self, to whatever extent, is linked to our physical strength. We might not be planning to go for a brawl, of course, but it would still be handy to open that jar of jam with as much flair as we did back in the day. Misters Daily Josh has Tesnor(TM), which is clinically tested to improve handgrip strength and upper arm circumference with regular use.

4. Lowering risk of heart disease

You should check this one with your doctor, but there are studies that indicate that, all other factors being similar, men with higher testosterone are less likely to be diagnosed with heart disease than those with below normal testosterone. And given how big heart disease is now, it might be a good idea to add a testosterone booster to your mornings for this reason alone!

5. Improved blood sugar control, and lower risk of Type II diabetes

Another one to run past your doctor, but there have been studies that show this value of keeping your testosterone high. Like heart disease, Type II diabetes is on the rise, and if your doctor thinks that there is a case here, then on this grounds alone you should make Misters Daily Josh a daily habit!

6. Avoiding the mid-life crisis

Buying shiny bikes, or trying to finally learn the guitar in your forties does not really do it. Those are merely ways for men to try and negate the feeling that they are beyond their prime, that the best is behind them. As you may have realised going through this list, all of the points covered might make you feel that your best is behind you. The decline in testosterone, as is natural with age, might make you feel so, and so boosting testosterone is a very useful thing. In fact, most consumers of Misters Daily Josh take it daily for this reason. Not to cure something, but as a path to a better sense of self.

In case you are interested in evaluating your ageing experience, below is a version of the Ageing Male Symptoms (AMS) questionnaire. Takes less than five minutes to complete, and you get to see your results indexed to other men who have taken it!

Here's to better ageing for men! Here's to the happiness of men!

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