“Sperm is a drop of brain,” wrote the ancient Greek writer Diogenes Laërtius.

Well, poetic as that description is, science has come a long way since ancient Greece. Sperm count worries, at a population level started wit publication of a meta study in 2017 which identified a dramatic decline in sperm counts globally. Since then there has been some debate about the findings, and it has been pointed out that there is no strong reference or threshold level for sperm count.

Anyway, in all sexology practices there are descriptions of how ever lower sperm count and ever poorer sperm motility, are turning up. In lived experience most sexologists connect this to a combination of sedentary lifestyles, higher stress leading to lower testosterone, and of course the presence of more and more pollutants in the air around us.

One key pollutant Bisphenol A (BPA), is identified as a key culprit. It gets into our bodies often through plastic water, beverage or food packaging, or through the sealant layer in canned food.

There has been reassuring research around the role of cordycepins in offsetting this impact. This is one reason why Misters Himalayan Power is recommended as a daily supplement for men by leading sexologists.

The Ideal Daily Supplement for Men