When it comes to sex, boys are quick to boast their achievements in terms of the number of times they were able to perform in bed. However, many times, they forget to map the situation. Good sex is never a one-time feat. While men give other men a lot of slack for certain unfortunate events, women too are victims in this scenario. Yes, we are talking about premature ejaculation. Now every once in a while, early ejaculation is funny, but when it's a series of consistent events, it can create problems in your sex life and sometimes even in your relationship.

What Exactly Is Premature Ejaculation?

Premature Ejaculation is technically a situation wherein the man has an orgasm sooner than desired. It's not always a worrisome situation, but sometimes it can become a bane of a happy relationship. PE is also called rapid ejaculation, premature climax and early ejaculation. Now it's no myth that every man wants to last longer and enjoy the experience. Both the partners wish to enjoy, but what can you do when certain physical factors keep you from it? The truth is that there are several underlying causes for premature ejaculation that stem from both the psychological and emotional health of a person. The best thing is to first understand what exactly qualifies as "premature ejaculation" and whether you should worry about it at all. Here are some pointers to keep in mind while observing the pattern -

  • When your penis releases semen at the touch of your partner's body - this is definitely a case of premature ejaculation. While heightened excitement and desire is often the cause, sometimes it goes beyond that and is not flattering for the partner anymore. The fact that the initial act is supposed to build up the excitement can also result in premature ejaculation during foreplay, which piles on to the problem.

  • When sex doesn't last long enough - now there are many ways to tell that neither of the partners are satisfied even though they have been looking forward to the lovemaking. This too is an example of premature ejaculation, where at least one partner is dissatisfied with the outcome because the man came early or within a few seconds. Such a situation is also a forewarning for those who save the condom for later.

  • Some men experience PE due to an underlying erectile dysfunction - this is a situation where a man is unable to keep the penis erect and hard enough for the intercourse. In such a scenario, it's quite natural for both partners to be dissatisfied with the experience. Erectile dysfunction comes with another set of causes, symptoms and problems.

  • Diabetes, Thyroid, High Blood Pressure along with other culprits - A good sex life is not very far from a healthy lifestyle. If you are not living a healthy lifestyle and suffer from unmanaged diabetes, thyroid or high blood pressure; then count on your body to give up on your performance in bed. The best way out for people suffering from these conditions is to get regularly tested and manage their health, there will be threefold holistic benefits from it.

These are just some key factors and conditions that account for premature ejaculation. Let it not slow down your life or bring down the excitement about your sex life. Look into treatments, get to a doctor and fix the problem. After all, you have but one life to solve all your issues and reap the benefits!