Recently I was viewing a documentary on Netflix called “The Game Changers,” which was produced by James Cameron (Academy Award winner — Titanic, Avatar, etc.). This documentary has people talking about busting the myth of animal protein or meat-based diets. It breaks the century-old convention that only animal protein fuels athletic prowess. And it reveals that going vegan can help improve erection!

The film also brings into focus a study conducted urologist Dr. Aaron Spitz, which caught my interest. For a couple of nights, these three college athletes wear two rings on their penises. The doctor then measured these on different parameters:

  • The time or length for which these rings were worn
  • How many times they experienced erections through the night

Initially, all three athletes were given a burrito diet. Day One, they had a meat-based burrito. On the second, they ate a burrito prepared from the foods we get from plants. The results were then evaluated. All athletes showed a 500% growth in terms of how long the erection lasted. It also revealed that all three athletes had an average increase in rigidity of 85%.

Even though this is not regarded as a validated study by scientists, the experiment does provide informal proof of the impact of food choices on our overall health and well-being.

Plant-based diets help improve sexual function.

In a gist, it reveals that plant-based diets do help improve sexual functions. Cardiovascular benefits are known to improve drastically when one consumes a diet that mostly comprises of plant foods.

It helps to improve the flow of blood to end organs like the penis. This, in turn, helps in improving the frequency and duration of erections.

Erectile Dysfunction requires in-depth studies, and it should be evaluated from a variety of perspectives, and more in-depth research is required. Often, a Rigiscan can be used for getting a baseline for erectile function. This is quite similar in nature to the one displayed in the documentary.

Along with this, renowned medications such as Sildenafil and Tadalafil help in combating this problem. Some of the other options here include Shock Wave Therapy.

Risks of ED and association with animal protein

Erectile dysfunction or ED is often regarded as a sign of bigger health problems. These can include atherosclerosis, reduced blood flow from heart disease, or diabetes — and many other similar diseases. It is imperative that if you are largely consuming meat-based diets, you try consuming more vegetables, fruits, etc. The bad cholesterol and increased fat content in meats, especially red meat, is known to be the root of cardiovascular problems.


Try switching over to leaner meats like seafood. Gradually make a shift to Vegan, which means all sources of animal products, including dairy (milk, cheese, etc.). are gradually eliminated from the system. If you have been suffering from ED or sexual performance issues, then going Vegan might help you recuperate. With better cardiovascular health, sexual performance is also going to improve.

Medically reviewed by Rishabh Verma, RP

Can going vegan improve your erections