It’s a situation all men want to avoid — and if they have experienced it, they’d rather not talk about it. It’s the time when misters fail to get an erection. The possibility of non-performance in an intimate situation is often associated with stigma and a threat to your manhood.

However, the truth is that erectile issues are fairly common in men of all ages —not just middle-age or older ones. As per a study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, one out of every four new patients with ED is under the age of 40. But the takeaway here is how you deal with it.

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Usually, men resort to the wrong way, which includes:

  • Blaming your partner — Duh! Even a porn movie or magazine can fail to do this at times. So stop blaming partners.
  • Pretend it never happened — Wrong. Accept it happened, and it’s normal.
  • Not talking to your doctor —Do discuss the scenario, just for your peace of mind.
  • Freak out — shutting out emotionally can leave a scar.
  • Fatigue is also another reason for non-performance.
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Talk about it

Your partner can actually be more supportive than you know. Talk to your partner that it seems you have a failed erection. Try discussing it. Research shows that at least 20% of men face difficulty achieving or maintaining an erection. This is also called situational or short-term erectile dysfunction and is NORMAL!

You can try some new sexual positions or have prolonged foreplay to help you. Sometimes, a little variety can spice up your life. Women, too, have sexual insecurities, and discussing the issue might help your partner and you to address problems.

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Try to evaluate the reason.

Think about the reasons or causes that could have triggered a failed erection-

  • Was it a stressful week at work or something that is causing anxiety.
  • Did you have too much alcohol?
  • Has your lifestyle changed a lot over the past few days, causing issues in sexual performance?
  • Did you switch over to a new drug or medicine recently?
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These are some of the most common causes of not getting an erection. Sometimes, it is just a new environment or inexperience with a new sexual position or even trying on a condom (when you are not used to it), which can trigger the issue.

Remember that often erectile dysfunction may happen because of psychological issues. It is likely that not discussing the problem may cause you to become nervous or anxious — when you have sex next. In turn, this can pose a threat to your sexual performance and make you avoid it altogether. Avoid detail and focus on finding the right solution.

Better Erections with Misters Bold

If you are unable to perform after a couple of times or the problem persists, you can undergo medical tests to identify the cause of this issue. The right treatment, along with an open discussion with your partner, can help you overcome the same.