Sending nudes, steamy pictures, sexually arousing texts and explicit messages have become far easier today than it used to be, thanks to the internet. It brings a flirty charm to your relationship which, in a way, rejuvenates your feelings, towards your partner. Also, it is sexually stimulating for both.

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Human psychology has explained that some people are good at writing to explain what and how they feel rather than describing it orally. Keeping this in mind, let us look at the positive sides of sexting for your relationship.

It sets up the mood: Sexting makes way for the naughty mood. It shouldn't be confused as foreplay, but it paves the path that brings foreplay to the picture.

It shows you're dependable: Sexting not only requires guts but also trust and comfort along with the building of a special bond with someone.

Brings out a new personality: Sexting can bring to the fore, a fresh new persona of your partner that you weren't aware of. It can make way for exciting possibilities in your relationship. If you can take charge of starting a dirty conversation, go for it.

You can let your partner know what novel experience you wish to have in bed. These practices allow your partner to be comfortable with your approach, adding spice to your sex life.

A new chapter in your love life: You may think you aren't old enough to sext anymore. That's completely wrong! Writing back and forth in a sexual way also means appreciating your partner's body. Body positivity almost always leads to better sex.

It indicates what your partner wants in the bed and how far they are willing to go. Sexting also reaffirms the fact both parties involved in the relationship find each other sexually attractive. That's always a good sign.

It makes you happy: If you're preoccupied with your thoughts and any kind of stress throughout the day, sexting releases that tension. Think of it as a co-curricular activity for couples who are extremely busy. The giggles, inadvertent blushing and that tingly sensation down there are priceless. It requires practice too, like any other activity but you'll settle in with time.

Sexting also implies that you are happy with your partner. There's nothing to be embarrassed about. It is an added layer of fun to maintain a healthy bond.

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