She walked into our bedroom and said that she needly a break badly. It came as a shock to me. We had just returned from our college friend's marriage. I was figuring out what actually went wrong as she seemed to be very happy to connect with old friends. I even overheard one of her friend tagging us as the "best couple".

I calmed myself down with all the negative stuff that was running in my head and made up my mind to ask her what's wrong. Before I could utter anything, she said she doesn't feel sexually excited anymore with me. And I felt like I was doomed.

I couldn't sleep that whole night. To pass my time and run away from my intense thinking, I tuned to the idiot box - television. My remote control stopped at Ayushmaan Khurana's movie Shubh Mangal Saavdhaan. I literally cried when the hero found himself helpless in the movie. But that gave me some hope to treat my erectile dysfunction.

I immediately typed on Google to get a immediate relief for ED. Read a lot of stuff. And one of them was about a new procedure called as shockwave therapy.

The name of the therapy itself made me sweat profusely. I understand that erectile dysfunction is really a frustrating condition. But this pill-free, noninvasive therapy was making me nervous.I was visually imagining of how the non-invasive low-intensity sound waves would pass through erectile tissue and restore the erectile function. I was unable to believe how can it reverse the problems. I kept on reading.

Then came across the warning that these treatments are yet to be FDA approved even in the US. As per my research, these type of restorative therapies that provide quick-fix kind of appeal are in their initial stages and do not promise long-term safety for men.

Before I could go more crazy with the huge list of online research findings to treat my condition, I stumbled upon this interesting website called Some really cool stuff was there in the Blogs section. And I kept on reading one after the other blog on treating sexual problems and experiencing sexual pleasure. Felt great! And I didn't realize when did I sleep off.

My wifey woke me up in the morning with my favourite coffee. Looked like she changed her mind?! Well, I wasn't sure that time but yes, after browsing Misters, I now knew how do I change her mind. I started typing a message to my boss that "Bhaad mein gayi aapki naukri, biwi ke saath bahar jaana hai", then looking at my electricity bills, I changed that to "Sorry Sir, I am taking a leave today for personal reasons".

I took her out that day and we spoke for hours on anything and everything that came to our mind. Did that reverse my ED? No yaar. I am still working on it but yes, my wife didn't take that break. By the way I have consulted my family doctor and in my free time I do read Misters regularly. I trust that the solution to my problem is on its way. Good things take time!