Nothing can be more baffling than the miracles of nature manifested in the operations of human body. It is amazing to see that most of our vital ingredients critical for body functions are naturally produced inside our system. L-arginine, popularly known as the semi-essential amino acid, is one such. It is only when the natural production is disrupted due to certain ailments that we need to supplement L-arginine artificially by oral medication, injections, or lotions.

This amino acid plays a critical role in maintaining body functions by producing urea and creatine. Urea, the final-product of protein disintegration, helps in eliminating surplus nitrogen produced during the process, while Creatine primarily assists in muscle mass. Another significant role of L-arginine is in expurgation of creatinine, a waste product of muscle mass building process.

The common natural sources of L-arginine are soy proteins, fish, dairy, egg, meat, peanuts, and walnuts. However, when taken as supplement, L-arginine is mostly prescribed as a vasodilator medicine, which dilates blood vessels enabling greater flow of blood to lower blood pressure. At times it also assists the human body to deal with arterial blockage, a common consequence of atherosclerosis. However, it is never recommended immediately after a severe heart attack. Moreover, it has been reported that while dilating blood vessels, L-arginine can lead to low blood pressure.

L-arginine in ED cure

Another significant benefit of L-arginine lies in its potential to cure erectile dysfunction. L-arginine turns into nitric oxide gas which is essential for erection as it relaxes blood vessels, enabling more oxygen-rich blood flow to the arteries which ensures proper erection.So, if you’re facing ED, you must be considering a host of remedies and there is no dearth of supplements clamoring quick cures. One advice – Please look before you leap as most such readily available supplements are ineffective to cure ED. Remember, the potential of L-arginine supplement in ED cure is still questioned by the medical fraternity, though most physicians approve the potential cure of mild ED through a combined intake of L-arginine and yohimbine hydrochloride or of L-arginine and pycnogenol.

Other cures

Claims of numerous other benefits of L-Arginine exist, but are not scientifically validated. That said the benefit of this amino acid in correcting congenital errors of urea synthesis, soothing inflammation of digestive tract in premature babies and controlling blood sugar are now medically proven.

Side effects

Occasional complains of bitter taste, queasiness and diarrhea have been reported against L-arginine. However, medical research says high degree of nitric oxide, produced by L-arginine, could be toxic to our brain tissue. Other known threats are complexity in controlling blood pressure during surgery, gout, swelling, air-passage inflammation, aggravating asthma and herpes flares, blood irregularities, and allergy.Physicians often recommend caution for anyone taking L-arginine as a supplement by inhaling or injecting it. Though safe in lower dosage, this amino acid can be fatal when taken in higher quantities.

Word of caution

Before opting for L-arginine supplement, online or from stores, be very sure about its possible interference with your ongoing medication, particularly with ED drugs like sildenafil (Viagra) or tadalafil (Cialis). It is also extremely important to go for an established brand.

Play safe!