Who thought needles could add that extra spice in your sex life? Well, needles might not be kinky, but then they can go a long way in helping you improve your dwindling sex life.

If statistics are to be believed, a staggering 43 percent of women suffer from low sex drive. So, all those men out there, who feel low and dejected due to a low libido, don’t need to suffer the heat of a dying sex life. While modern products like CBD lube, clit vibes and O-shots might be promising you the world for improving your sex life, chances are the old tradition might come to your rescue under the sheets.

After all, who needs a Cupid’s arrow, when Acupuncture’s needles can cast the love spells you need in bed?

Acupuncture – the magical spell cast by needles

In its most basic form, Acupuncture involves the use of placing thin needles on specific parts of the body. Acupuncture, as a practice, can be divided into the ancient Chinese practice and the more modernised, Western approach. The former concentrates on curing the problem from the root, while the latter is centred around curing the problem basis the symptoms.

Let’s delve deeper into the issue and try to understand how a dipping libido can be improved by indulging in acupuncture.

1)    Improved blood circulation

Acupuncture has been known to enhance blood circulation within the body, especially around the genitals area. As the blood circulation continues to increase, your senses would begin to get enhanced, as your body starts to respond to your partner’s touch, leading to a more fruitful intercourse experience. On the other hand, Acupuncture brings your heart, mind, body and soul into sync with each other, thereby helping you find that deeper connection needed to be intimate with your partner.

2)    Treats erectile dysfunction

Feeling “drop-dead” down there? Not to worry; let acupuncture help your manhood survive the tests of time. Erectile dysfunction is often caused by neurological, psychological and even physical ailments, or sometimes even all of them together.

An erection is often dependent on emotional stimulation within the brain and direct physical stimulation. Since sex is a mix of both, an interference in either mediums can prove to be a nerve-wracking problem. If the body is not receiving either of the two stimuli, it can often end up in erectile dysfunction, which can prove to be an embarrassing situation in and out of bed.

3)    Having a holistic approach can help improve your intercourse experience

Acupuncture, on a whole, is a holistic treatment, which means that it treats your body as a whole. By sticking one or two needles in one spot can’t cure the sexual issues. A low sex drive is often the result of disharmony and hormonal imbalance within the body. What might appear to be low libido issues as per Western medicine, might be regarded as an excess or deficiency of energy channels as per the Chinese medicines. Use acupuncture to treat these imbalances, and see the changes unfold within your body.


Acupuncture, despite being an ancient art, is often a good technique to get rid of body imbalances and other sexual symptoms. You can take your intercourse and sexual relations to another level, just by sticking some needles in your body. Add acupuncture to your list of remedies, and let your body respond to some beautiful moments.