If you think talking about female sexuality is a taboo, what about male sexuality? Contrary to popular belief, it is also surrounded by shadows! And most men refrain from speaking about it and the problems associated with it openly.

On the personal front, you think you know your male member at your fingertips. However, this vital organ has a lot of secrets which you don’t (probably) know yet. Here are 14 fascinating facts about the penis you must know:

  1. Morning wood has health benefits. Did you know that these involuntary and unconscious nocturnal erections aim to oxygenate the penis to nourish it? On an average, they occur three times a night, for an erection duration of one hour in total.
  2. During an ejaculation, which corresponds to about 3 milliliters of sperm, about 45-600 million sperms are released.
  3. Your testicles have different sizes. In fact, one hangs a bit lower than the other. It’s a little gift from Mother Nature to prevent them from colliding. In two men out of three, it's the left testicle that hangs lower.
  4. The glans of the penis acts as an airbag and a shock-absorber, protecting both the vaginal bottom and the cavernous body of the penis.
  5. Your penis is longer than what catches the eye. In fact, almost half the length of your penis stretches inside the body.
  6. The size of the penis decreases from generation to generation. Ten years ago, the average size of an erect penis was 15.24 centimeters on average. Today it is 12.95 centimeters. The causes of this size change have not been fully elucidated. But it seems that they are essentially environmental
  7. The penis is not a bone but is still susceptible to fractures. It can break at the level of cavernous bodies. This can happen when you penetrate at a wrong angle or withdraw too abruptly.
  8. The brake is the small membrane that connects the foreskin to the penis. It is extremely fragile. Suffice to say that you have to go slowly with your hands and do not make very abrupt movements while masturbating as it may result in bleeding.
  9. You cannot ejaculate and urinate at the same time. While these are two separate functions, the bladder neck is common. Hence, it is not possible to release sperm and urine at the same time.
  10. Your sperm travels at the speed of 10 miles/hour during ejaculation.
  11. There are 42 different types of bacteria found only on the penis. A circumcised penis will have a lesser amount.
  12. A teaspoon of seminal fluid contains 5-20 calories.
  13. Jonah Falcon has the world's largest penis. At rest, his penis measures 23.14 centimeters against 34.19 centimeters during erection.
  14. Vibrators are not just for women; they can help men too. Holding the vibrator on the underside of the penis can help you orgasm. These could also be of help for men who suffer from delayed ejaculation.