Massage therapy is employed to improve the size and girth of Erectile Dysfunction with regular lubricating agents or with specially formulated penis enlargement creams and gels. A proper technique of massage can show even better results in a short duration, and also can improve the performance of the male in the bed to give his partner a mind-blowing experience every time. The proper technique does not focus only on enhancing the size, but it casts all-round effects to improve the functioning of the whole reproductive system.

ED can be treated with the help of natural aphrodisiacs.

What massage therapy does?

Massage tickles body growth hormones to be released, the touch and pressure applied is a reliever of the many mind-boggling, stress-related problems. Testosterone levels rise and exert dominance over all the other hormones. This systemic manual application improves blood flow within the veins, thus enhancing the quality of the erection. Nerves get stimulated, and the connective tissue becomes more vibrant. This dramatic find has toned down emotions of low sex drive subjects, and the aged who imagine without an up to date organ life is meaningless.

Benefits of massage therapy

Message therapy has brought with it real benefits as opposed to the use of drugs that come with long term side effects. In massage therapy, aromatic herbal oils or lotions are used so that it prevents friction build-up and any discomfort. These oils have additional therapeutic effects that soot the organ well. The pleasant sensation left restores confidence in the flow of fresh oxygen and nutrients to the organ plus the free movement of lymphatic fluids and the release of any trapped blood.

How effective is massage therapy?

Massage therapy is beneficial and has been known to bring about an increase in size, length, and girth, plus the sharpening of the erection process. Many sexual weaknesses stem from a failed organ, or low hormone production will be a thing of the past. The tuned glands wake up to any touch of the penis, there are longer, and exciting love plays and your partner gets a feel of the change. Many by-products come with massaging the penis, while greater emphasis is put on the herbal oils and the method or technique to be used. The more significant health benefits are many, including relieving of stress, encouraging relaxation, improvement of circulation, lowering of blood pressure, a decrease of depression, and also enhanced sexual performance.

Curing erectile dysfunction with massage therapy

While you cure your Erectile Dysfunction with massage therapy, you can stop for a while to control your ejaculation. It will teach you how to manage your climax during sexual activity for lasting longer in the bed. Apart from this, persistent erection and hand movement increase testosterone activity in the body and rush the blood to the genitals for improving the size and gain firmer erections. If you ejaculate early, need not worry, continue with your massage, slowly you will not only gain control over the ejaculation but also it will improve your capacity to make love more frequently.

The principle behind the exercise is to increase the volume of blood that comes in and may be held longer for better performance. In turn, this will result in expansion and thereby increase in size and better production.

Medically reviewed by Rishabh Verma, RP