There are several male sexual dysfunctions, such as reduced libido and problems with ejaculation. Men suffering from ED generally have a healthy libido, but somehow, the body fails to respond. However, there is a solid base for the problem (in the majority of the cases), which indicates the causes of erectile dysfunction. Let’s identify a few of them:

1.Underlying chronic diseases The relation between chronic disease and ED is most salient for people with diabetes. According to specialists, one out of two men who are diabetics, experiences ED. Diabetes damages blood vessels. Moreover, the functions related to sex are dependent on healthy blood flow through the vessels. Erection is a prerequisite of regular healthy sex, which in turn result from the usual rush of blood. Different other chronic conditions may also lead to ED; some of them are the hardening of the arteries, cardiovascular disease, multiple sclerosis, and kidney disease.

2.Lifestyle changes Lifestyle alterations that intervene with blood levels can cause ED. Being a part of improper habits can lessen the blood flow to the penis (harming the blood vessels). Smoking, being overweight, and next to nil exercise regimen are some of the other permissible risk factors.

3.Major surgeries: At times, surgeries can harm blood vessels and nerves near the penis. In a few numbers of cases, the nerve destruction is everlasting (followed by a treatment to accomplish an erection). Surgery can also cause short-term ED that recovers on its own after six to twenty months (it happens in a few other cases).

4.Side-Effects of medicines: Erectile Dysfunction can be an aftereffect of medication, involving specific drugs, antidepressants, antihistamines, and tranquilizers. Males should always consult their health care provider before taking any over-the-counter medicine, which they suspect can lead to erectile problems.

5.Cyclists, Beware! According to reports, passionate cyclists undergo more ED than other players. Do you know where the problem lies? It is because of the shape of some bicycle seats, which put extra pressure on the perineum. The part between the scrotum and anus encloses arteries and nerves vital to sexual stimulation.

Hence, once you have identified the reason behind your problem, it becomes easier to look up for its remedies. So, identify the cause and go for treatments and guidance to manage of your ED problem quickly.