BEWARE! YOUR HAIR COULD BE REVEALING YOUR AGE! Just like our skin, hair reveals age too. With the growing age, the scalp produces fewer hairs, which cause the strands to get thinner. But, not to worry as there are some lasting solutions available like hair transplants, laser therapy, and minoxidil serums that are long-term.

Still, would you want to get caught in the awkward gap between treatments and results (as you are dealing with thinning hair)? Do not worry as though there’s not much you can do to stop it, but you can quickly turn to some hairstyles to make your hair problem less noticeable.

One of the fastest ways is cutting your hair off. Chop it off. If you want to create an illusion of abundant hair, you can go for a style that lops off inches and adds strategic layers. Since not weighed down by extra inches, shorter hair has more volume and tends to look healthier.

Ask your stylist to concentrate the layers near your face while the back is left full; this will add ample volume and create the illusion of both body and thickness. Are bangs your style? Then make the comprehensive fringe look and start further back on your head.

Here are five smart styling solutions for your look:

1. Short crop cut: In the short crop cut, the hair is short on the sides or of a finger’s length. This kind of hairstyle gives your hair fullness and many options for styling.

2. Buzz cut: The buzz cut hairstyle is quick and easy for your stylist. It works for you because of the receding hair volume. Moreover, it is a no-maintenance cut.

3. Slick back: This cut is a classic hairstyle! The glossy back (a smooth hairstyle) works well for most hair types and goes excellently informal for casual occasions. You can also style your hair at an angle by playing with your look.

4. Tapered cut: If you want a professional and clean hairstyle, you may consider a tapered cut. Hair is clipped close on the sides and back while the hair on top is left long.

5. Disheveled cut: To get this cut, your hairstylist will razor the back and sides before he cuts the hair to the desired shape on top. This leaves little hair on the sides. A substantial cut with neat edges is the feature of this haircut, and it goes well on most face shapes.