A woman can wear both skirts and pants and have multiple orgasms, sometimes, almost twenty in a row in a single session!  But the good news is that, even if not a number as high as twenty, men too can get multiple orgasms, with a little bit of practice and patience. Yes, you heard me right. Orgasm doesn't anymore have to be just the onetime thrill for you. You can enjoy it multiple times, or at least more than once during each session. So how do you get there?

Well, the first and foremost golden rule is to separate orgasm from ejaculation. For most men, it’s almost the same. This is because they only feel orgasm, seconds before they ejaculate, after which the body goes back into the rest and recovery mode or the ‘refractory mode’. Only a few lucky men, who have very short refractory periods, are able to get an erection and ejaculate again, within minutes of their first ejaculation.

So, the main key to this tryst would be the separating of orgasm and ejaculation. Well, you can ejaculate multiple times in a row if you don’t release any semen. Also known as the non-ejaculatory multiple orgasms (NEMO), here are some ways in which you can try and achieve it:

1 Masturbating without ejaculating: Initially, you can start with practicing masturbating every day for ten minutes at least with constant stimulation (not having to start and stop many times). On nearing ejaculation, take a break by avoiding stimulating the head of the penis or slowing the movement. When you feel you are more relaxed, you can start again. The main trick lies in getting as close as possible to the point of no return, as many times as you can, without actually reaching it.

2 Strengthening your PC muscles: The next step to do is to start controlling your pelvic floor muscles. The best way to start doing this is by practicing kegel exercises. Kegel exercises help to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. This is the muscle that comes into use when you are urinating and would like to control the flow. This is also the muscle that controls ejaculation. So, by strengthening your pelvic floor muscles, if you are able to control an ejaculation, then you will be increasing your chances of skipping the refractory period, and enjoy an orgasm, again and again.

3 Trying a new position: Some positions where you will be able to withdraw quickly just before ejaculation will help you experience an orgasm without ejaculation. Like the sitting position or the kneeling boosted missionary position.

4 Control your breathing: Usually, when you are near an ejaculation, your breathing rate sharply increases and you tend to take short and shallow breaths. This also leads to an increase in heart rate. Controlling your breathing will help you to be in better control of ejaculation. You can start controlling your breathing by practicing belly breathing. This involves inhaling through your nose, expanding your stomach and holding each breath till at least 3 seconds (your chest should not move). Multiple practice sessions will help slow down your breathing during sexual intercourse and get better control over ejaculation.