The last time you noticed something about someone, was it his hair? Scanty hair, thinning hair or receding hairlines tends to catch our eyes easily. Many a time although receding hairline and hair loss could be due to genes or medications, sometimes it could also be due to our diet. Just like our body needs essential nutrients to grow, the same applies to our hair as well. Certain nutrients like Iron, Vitamin E, Zinc and Protein works wonders for healthy hair. So here are some hair foods, that you can add to your diet, right away!

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  • Eggs and more eggs: Eggs are a great source of protein and biotin, both of which are known to boost hair growth. While protein is excellent for hair growth since hair follicles are made of protein, biotin, on the other hand, helps strengthen hair, reduce hair loss and improves hair density.
  • Avocado: Avocados are rich in amino acids which help preserve the moisture in the hair shafts, thereby preventing hair loss and promoting healthy hair. Also loaded with Vitamin E, this fruit helps prevent damage from hair radicles, thereby keeping your hair healthy and strong!
  • Fatty fish: Some fatty fishes are a good source of omega 3 fatty acids. Omega 3, known for its anti-inflammatory properties, helps in opening up of hair follicles to promote hair growth. Also being a healthy fat, it prevents dry scalp problems like the flaky scalp, dandruff, etc.
  • Carrots: Did you think carrots are suitable only for your eyes? Being rich in Vitamin A, these provide excellent nourishment for the scalp. They also help improve blood circulation, thereby preventing premature greying and hair fall.
  • Walnut: This hair-friendly nut is a rich source of omega 6 fatty acids. This fatty acid is a type of polyunsaturated fatty acid, which helps stimulate hair growth. Also not ending here, walnuts are also full of Zinc, Iron, B vitamins and plenty of protein, all of which are known to strengthen and stimulate hair growth and prevent hair loss.
  • Spinach: Spinach is rich in iron, vitamin A, Vitamin C and folate, which all works wonders in preventing hair loss and promoting hair growth. Iron deficiency is still one of the leading causes leading to hair loss, which can be easily prevented by taking food rich in iron like spinach.
  • Low-fat dairy: Low-fat dairy is a good source of biotin (Vitamin B7), which helps fight hair loss and boost hair growth. Also being a rich source of calcium and proteins like whey and casein, it helps maintain a healthy scalp and lustrous hair.

Apart from including the above in your diet, here are a few tips that would help you have healthy hair and scalp:

  1. Eat a variety of foods as it will ensure that you get much of the required nutrients for good hair growth, from your diet itself.
  2. Never skip breakfast as energy to form hair cells is lowest in the morning. Eating a healthy and nutritious breakfast will, in turn, ensure healthy hair as well.
  3. Keep eating healthy snacks every four hours or so or in small intervals. This is because the energy to form hair cells drops after every four hours.
  4. Avoid salt, as excessive salty food can be extremely harmful to your hair. It can make your hair dry and brittle, leading to breakage and hair fall.
  5. Have plenty of water and stay dehydrated as drinking a sufficient amount of water helps keep hair roots and scalp healthy, supporting hair growth.

Medically reviewed by Rishabh Verma, RP