I remember I was 21 when I got worried about hairfall for the first time. I was in my final year of college at Subharti University, and Coffee Heart was our regular haunt. I was quite upset as I had been noticing my hair thinning for the last few months. Friends had started calling me "ganja" already! Wasn't fun at all!

So, one evening at Coffee Heart I told my friend Rohit that I am worried about it. I was not expecting to Rohit to laugh about at it, but he did. I was very disappointed and lashed out, "abbey saale, hansne ki kya baat hai", I said.

Rohit said, "Hansu nahi to kya karoon. Itna serious kyon ban raha hai tu?"

"Ban nahi raha, pareshaan hoon"

Rohit took out his phone and did something. Then said, "WhatsApp dekh le"

There was this link. I clicked, and within two minutes got my answer! Even ordered the product! And two months later, my hair is back!