Erectile Dysfunction can be foreshadowing a lot of health concerns related to blood vessels, one of which includes heart conditions. A study that was published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine showed that if men who experience ED had themselves screened, it could save so many of them from being the victims of strokes and heart attacks.

Out of the many causes of ED are the psychological aspects such as your attitude towards sex or your comfort with your partner. In some cases, mental concerns such as depression and performance anxiety take a toll resulting in men afraid to hurt their pride and ego. Performing in bed is something a man will always try to be good at, but that’s not all they should be worried about if their experiencing ED.

While you must see a doctor for every medical condition, your lifestyle choices have a lot to do with your health - positively and negatively. One of those lifestyle habits is your diet - which you would know affects absolutely everything your body goes through. It may seem easy to pop a pill and call it a day with a temporary fix to your problem, but that’s not a permanent solution. Men who may be suffering from heart conditions could have ED as a first symptom - it’s not a condition anyone should ignore.

So how can you improve your diet to support a healthy heart and an even healthier penis by association? Treat your arteries like they give you life - which they do. The study shows that the blocked arteries that cause an inadequate flow to the penis resulting in ED can also affect the heart and brain in the same manner leading to a risk of stroke or heart attack. You know how they say if you quit smoking for at least five years, your lungs look almost brand new? Ditto here.

Experts say that by abiding by a diet that is low in fat and has plant constituents, arteries can release blockages reducing the risk of heart disease and ED if the heart condition were its underlying cause. A published study ( showed that in one-third of its participants that ate less saturated fats and cholesterol expressed the return of sexual function at its normalcy. They ate more fiber simultaneously during the study and proved that a plant-based diet calls for excellent blood flow.

A plant-based diet includes foods such as vegetables and fruit, and also are a great source of fiber. They help in better blood flow that could help with ED. Vascular issues such as high blood pressure and cholesterol are said to have been the cause of unhealthy meat-eating.

A bad diet can clog arteries resulting in the damage of blood vessels, and then issues such as heart disease and ED start to arise. It’s a bad cascade, and a hamburger or pizza isn’t worth that price, really. To think men are worried about an ego to uphold when their life could be at stake. Heart disease is treatable, and treating unhealthy arteries can help prevent fatal heart attacks and strokes. Matters of heart ailments have claimed too many lives, and screening individuals that have ED is one way to help treat any heart disease early.