Sensual touches, long smooches, and kinky fantasies, all these are something which you yearn to fulfil in those intimate moments. You might want to go wild or have a slow soothing romance with your partner. These desires are triggered by your hormones; they play a key role in enhancing your sexual play and withholding your erection until you both reach climax together. Like men, women too have their own sexual desires, role-play fantasies, and intimate moves. Being intimate is essential for both.

What you must know is how the body reacts and processes for changes. Each of the reproductive systems in men and women depends on an avalanche of hormones, affecting you at two critical stages of your life span—the time when you hit puberty and at the time of embryonic development. Many of you don’t acknowledge the process of masculinization. It is a biological development in charge of sorting the differences of sexual orientation, gender identification, and trans-sexual behaviour.

Imbalance in hormones due to various factors like genetic history of some serious health problems, vitamin deficiency or external factors like pollution and weather could cause serious damage to your sex life too, like Erectile Dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation or Prostate Cancer, etc. Testosterone is a significant hormone responsible for your sex drive and also for others too, be it in male or female, mammals or people.

Generally, the brain of each person has some part of masculine and feminine threads, or in simple words, networks. Upon complete embryonic development, the male hormone which is also called the testosterone constitutes to occupy a larger space in the brain. They are connected by receptors and another main hormone called vasopressin.

These spaces occupied by the male hormone are known as the Receptive Fields; they make a huge impact on the male’s brain. This shows that testosterone has a tremendous impact on males as compared to females. Also, this is one of the reasons why males end up confessing about “the sex on the mind” situation when compared to females.

Interestingly after a successful course of the embryonic cycle in females, oxytocin hormone tends to have more impact on them. They are referred to as the Cuddle Hormone; it releases happiness. In layman terms, oxytocin helps reduce stress and enhances the trust factor in them regarding their relationship, social bonding and sex life.

Though the hormone has similar effects on the males, their brain has only a few networks to occupy them. Oxytocin steams up activity in female brains by the hormone estrogen just like vasopressin fuels due to testosterone in males, thereby building sexual pressure in each of them.

Another surprising fact is that women are not just aroused by the sexual advances by their partner, but they also have frequent sexual fantasies and imaginations. They get more aroused during their fertile periods. A study conducted by the Queens University of Ontario showed that the arousal of genitals is related to the blood flow. Women experienced an increased rush of blood flow in their genitals when watching porn having males with females, females with females, and also males with males.

But all these do not make them tuned on for real. This works differently for men. Their penis gets erect only when they are aroused sexually. Blood flow into the manhood indicates the turned-on stage. This is the reason why Viagra is only prescribed for men and not for women because they do not get the benefit of subjective arousal or desires through blood flow.

Many researchers mentioned that sexual intercourse starts with a desire or arousal, heading up to an intense steamy session and finally, hitting climax by having orgasm or ejaculation. These researches and studies have helped to decode the root cause of the differences in sexual activity of men and women. They are genetically developed to be different in most aspects of life including the bedroom.

Medically reviewed by Rishabh Verma, RP

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