We lead modern lives simplified by technology. Siri, Alexa and Ok Google play glorified butlers to our every command, but one thing that we still haven’t managed to get rid of is anxiety.

Anxiety is the giant bad monster and the boogeyman that haunts every human being. “I’m having an anxiety attack” has suddenly become the new normal for the generation X, Y and Z. Science classifies anxiety as our body’s natural response to stress. Adults and even children face it during defining moments of their lives, like an interview, or the first day at school, or a doctor’s appointment or even a first date. However, anxiety becomes real trouble that might require medical attention if it severely hinders your everyday life.

We have investigated bicycles, hormones, environmental causes, biological reasons, sun signs and even the divine astrology for ED, but now is the time to discuss the elephant in the room: Can anxiety cause erectile dysfunction? Experts say the causes of ED are both biological and psychological. The massive contributor to the psychological reason for ED is believed to be anxiety.

Causes of anxiety in the bedroom

  • Body dysmorphia

Body image troubles men as much as it troubles women. If a man doesn’t feel comfortable in his skin and physique, then it can lower his self-esteem and may induce the feeling of inadequacy. The first step to the language of love is lust, and if a person doesn’t feel attractive, then how can they unleash their inner sex god?

  • Partner problems

Love doesn’t nurture in a squabble. If you and your partner are going through a rough emotional patch, then it is going to reflect in your sex life as well. Emotional harmony plays a vital role in enhancing sexual drive. A thumb rule of successful relationships is never going to bed angry. Resolve any issues you and your partner are facing and then see the passion unfold in your bedroom.

  • Work problems

This is the modern-day trouble of workaholics. People who have an extramarital affair with their job often drag work stress into the bedroom. You know who you are. Work consumes most of the day for young as well as mature professionals and if it consumes your nights as well then are you really living? You need to learn the difference between living to work and working to live.


Did you think we’d just leave you hanging like that? We have got you boo!

  • Love thyself

It is crucial to accept yourself wholly, your body soul and mind. Do not judge your body by conflicting beauty standards of media. You are more than flesh, and your sexiness lies beyond the mirror. You cannot love someone else without loving yourself and accepting yourself first.

  • Demarcation and boundaries

It is crucial to strike a harmonious balance between your professional life and personal life. One should not suffer because of the other. Leave all your work woes outside of the bedroom door.

  • Break the communication barrier

The only barrier you and your partner might require should most probably be a condom. There is nothing that cannot be resolved between two people. Communication is the key. Talk things out with your partner and remember a stable emotional connection leads to a passionate sexual nirvana.

Anxiety is the villain, and it ruins lives; however, it is crucial to understand the lifestyle of a person can cause ED as much as anxiety could. So, follow a healthy lifestyle to maintain sound body and mind, which in turn will serve your sex life.

Medically reviewed by Rishabh Verma, RP