Women can easily, like super easily, talk about our ‘Vajayjay’ issues with our girl gang but for men, it’s hard. The unspoken rules of the so-called ‘Bro Code’ don’t give you the liberty, comfort and confidence to talk about the issues going on below the belt.

So what do you do? Let me tell you, YOU IGNORE THEM! This is bad, not only for your health but also for your bedroom image. One such issue that your ‘Manhood’ faces is of Erectile Dysfunction. Also known as ED, it is a medical condition in which men find it difficult to keep a firm erection during intimacy. While occasional erection issue is common during times of stress, a frequent occurrence of it can be an alarming sign of health problems.

It is believed that ED is a part of the ageing process and cannot happen in the ’20s, ’30s and early ’40s. While Erectile Dysfunction is common to older men, it can happen at any age. Getting an erection is a complex procedure which involves the brain, nerves, hormones, blood circulation and muscle movement. If any of these do not work in tandem, it can lead to erection issues.

In some cases, erectile dysfunction is a result of temporary stress or bedroom performance pressure. But when the problem occurs every now and then, there are chances of an underlying health condition, physical or psychological like:

1.    Lack of communication with the partner

2.    Excessive consumption of alcohol

3.    Chronic stress and anxiety

4.    Internal or External injury to the penis

5.    Injury in the Spinal Cord

6.    Diabetes

7.    Obesity

8.    A sudden decrease in testosterone level

9.    Hormonal disorders

10. Side-effects of certain medications

The risk of Erectile Dysfunction indeed increases with age due to the naturally diminishing testosterone level. But they are not the only factors behind the problem of ED. Many causes of it are not directly connected with ageing but do have a relation with underlying medical issues, the chances of which increases when you grow older. There are blood tests and psychosocial examinations that detect the issue of Erectile Dysfunction and by finding the root cause of it, safe and secure treatment is possible.