Let’s face it! Erectile dysfunction has caused distance in relationships, broken relationships, failed marriages, and also divorces. You don’t necessarily have to be on a medication to treat it; instead, you can resort to the powers of some best essential oils that have been known to work on treating ED.

Essential oils, which are also known as volatile oils, aetherolea, ethereal oils, or it could be named after the plant from which it is extracted, like clove oil. Essential oil is used often in aromatherapy for health and wellbeing. It primarily contains volatile chemical compounds of the plants. These compounds can have unique characteristics to work, respectively, on multiple health benefits. To develop an erection, a man needs both mental and physical force. The following essential oils have a unique essence and potential in common to treat ED by boosting you mentally as well as physically:

Ylang Ylang

Used for treating depression, anxiety, and frigidity, Ylang Ylang has select euphoric properties that enhance self-esteem and calms the mind. It has been known to treat ED on a few levels.


Roses have a long history of pleasing humans, and even studies claim that it relieves depression and helps to ease out for relaxation. It evokes self-confidence and brings happiness, promoting sensuality. Sensuality aids in erection, and to add further benefits, rose oil increases libido, enhances sperm, and also the production of testosterone. Planting a rose garden in your backyard isn’t a bad idea, after all.


It has some much-known anti-anxiety and relaxing effects on humans. Studies suggest that it increases arousal in men and mostly has a positive impact on penile blood if lavender and pumpkin pie aroma is mixed together. A 2015 study found that it also works with rosemary. Lavender and rosemary together reduced any reproductive function damage. It also reduced oxidative stress in diabetic male rats. Since both oils have antioxidant features, it positively affects the sperm quality and on testosterone levels.


The essence of cinnamon is another essential oil that has been known to increase sperm count and testosterone levels. Perhaps it stimulates hormone levels as it improves sexual function as per test results conducted on animals.


It is often mentioned for its numerous health benefits, and you might be surprised to know its benefit in treating ED. Studies conducted on rats revealed that basil extract has a very high impact on increasing sperm motility, viability, and count. It also has anti-anxiety properties and can help in reducing oxidative stress.


It is a powerful antioxidant that can protect you against oxidative stress and increase your sperm concentration and function. Studies conducted on rats have given similar results as it strongly impacts hormonal activity in male rats.

Nutmeg and Clove

A 2003 study found the combination of nutmeg and clove essential oil increased sexual activity in male mice. This essential oil enhanced its mounting behavior and mating performance. Both oils have compounds responsible for stimulating the nervous system, blood circulation, and thereby sexual behavior.


It is probably one of the most popular essential oil widely used for treating ED as it improves blood circulation.


It won’t be wrong to call it a tonic for the reproductive organs, and that’s why it is categorized as a natural aphrodisiac. It treats depression, anxiety, and also relieves stress.


It is known for its soothing properties, which help in reducing anxiety about sexual performance.

Clary Sage

It is mildly intoxicating but still is the single best essential oil for treating ED. It is known to induce feelings of euphoria and excitement apart from balancing and regulating hormones.


It is very sensual and is known to increase sexual stimulation. It is a natural aphrodisiac that also helps improve blood circulation.

The essence of these oils lifts you mentally and physically for sex; however, pure essential oils must be naturally extracted to work because chemically processed versions mostly don’t!

The only way to treat ED with these oils is to use them correctly as guided by the experts. If you don’t know the right proportions of these oils to make a perfect recipe and where to apply them, the therapy may not work. We recommend you to take expert guidance to understand the exact recipe and application method. It will help you take full advantage of this natural remedy available for everyone to get rid of the symptoms of ED.


You can dilute some oil drops into cold water or with a carrier oil and apply it to the lower back, spine, and kidney area. You can also spray it in your room or sprinkle a few drops on your bed sheets or pillowcases. Using these oils in a diffuser or diluting them into a hot water bath also gives good results.