If you are part of the 25% of the male population that experiences some amount of baldness by the time they reach 30, things might look bleak. Or if there is constant pudge of black spots on your shower floor, rest in peace, the fallen soldiers.

Hair loss is no joke

Losing a severe amount of hair daily can put a dent in one’s confidence, and a dampener or any relationship, along with self-esteem issues. If one doesn’t want hair in the armpit, the option is to shave it. What about the worsening condition of the hair on the head?

Let’s talk more about this prevailing condition in men.

Is it hereditary?

If you are losing some amount of hair every day, it is not alarming and could not be a serious concern. However, if men are losing chunks of hair frequently, and there’s no compensation for it, something is wrong. Sometimes, men lose hair like patches on the head, or from a specific region in the head. Could it be hereditary, or not, depends on the doctor’s diagnosis. However, this condition is called alopecia, and it is attributed to the onset of male pattern baldness.

Pay attention to your forefathers

Losing hair is not a pretty sight, the bitter truth is that some males become bald by the time they reach the 50s, and some even sport early signs of receding hairline even in their 30s. If you have ancestors - fathers or grandfathers who had a thin top head, chances are this condition is hereditary, and someday you might also experience hair thinning or balding.

What’s causing hair loss?

A lot of people experience hair loss due to age, health, and lifestyle factors, but some other dominant forces contribute to male hair loss.

Medicines and hair loss

Some medications that have elements of blood thinners, antidepressants, and chemotherapy for cancer treatment can lead to hair loss.

Visit a doctor

It is prudent to consult a competent doctor before opting for any sort of hair remedies, do not self-medicate. There are doctors out there for a reason: to help you.

Win the hair loss battle

The hair loss situation is not the end of the world, and it can be reversed. It is not permanent. In some cases, one gets the shiny mane back again by trying reliable hair growth products recommended by the doctor.

Don’t use heat on hair

Be kind to your hair, do not heat them, or wash them with really hot water. If you must blow-dry your hair, try towel drying it first. It will do a lot of good to you if you steer-clear of your girlfriend’s hair straightener as well.

Eat your protein

Hair demands keratin, and it can only be fulfilled by bulking on a lot of protein. So do not forget to eat your lean protein, and do the hair flip all day. By eating protein, your hair will thank you one day.

Hair grooming is essential

You take care of your body, why avoid the top of your head? We lead a hectic lifestyle and spend all day outside in sun, dirt, and grime. Proper hair care is not only nourishing your hair by eating greens and protein, but also by oiling and washing the tresses without fail.