You are on the cusp of adulthood, and you want to make her toes curl, but haven’t had the success in doing so, yet. Yes, there’s still hope for you, friend. Even when there is room for improvement, you can hit the pleasure dome and receive the muchas gracias.

  • Practice the art of kissing; swirl your tongue on her lips, get the tongue-on-tongue action going; just don’t let it be a downer. A lot of pheromones are exchanged when you kiss and may get both your hearts beating with excitement.

  • Don’t just thrust mechanically into her, with your fingers or penis and assume that it is enough. Women have a variety of erogenous zones in their body, and they differ from one individual to another. Play with her breasts or the body, and just caress the whole area to see what arouses her sexually.

  • A few minutes of missionary does not seal the deal, folks! Women expect a little effort, and they don’t mind doing their part of the job if it means a steamy, hot sesh. Try to switch positions, go subtle or just demand, and kink it up! Just do not forget to have fun.

  • Dudes give your oral skills some practice and go down on her. Many women cannot achieve orgasm through penetrative sex as it doesn’t do a lot for their clitoris. If your tongue game is strong, you and your partner are in for happiness, for a long time.

  • Compliment your partner. It shouldn’t be something creepy like blurting out – you are pretty – in the middle of sex, you can try to make her feel wanted. It should not include a Neanderthal move like pressing your boner in her while you guys cuddle. Ensure that she is a goddess and you can’t get enough of her.

  • Don’t overthink when it comes to your penis, women do not fret about it as much you do. They just prefer a well-groomed and nice smelling one. Speaking about penises, keep your crotch area clean. Nothing kills a mood faster than lack of hygiene in your partner.

  • Always look for the clues; she is really enjoying what you are doing. And also, it is okay to be vocal when you are on the receiving end and love the pleasure she is giving you.

  • We all know how different men and women are, and not to forget their anatomies too. So, just be a tad less selfish, and equally enjoy taking care of her needs as she does with yours.

  • Again, just relax and have fun. Do not break out into a sweat if she is not singing like a canary once you are inside her. Let the moment take place on its own and just enjoy the rhythm. Say goodbye to all your stress and insecurity, and you do you.

  • Don’t get down the rabbit hole where you compare yourself to her previous sexual partners, men and women tend to toot their own horn in relation to sexual conquests.

  • Consent, be the poster child for this word. Don’t do something that you wouldn’t want to be done to your body, and please, do not go after inebriated women.

  • If she is not in the mood today, just play with yourself a little, and enjoy some time with your partner.

  • Use protection kids, it will keep all the STDs and STIs away, along with the pregnancy scare too.

  • Queefing and farting are two different things, and if you witness the sound of air coming out of her vagina, don’t make a big deal out of it, that’s how bodies work.

  • Make her comfortable, getting naked in front of a stranger or even your partner is a big deal. So, just shower her with compliments and enjoy the night.

Everything Misters in their 20's Should Know about Sex