Usually we like to use this column to comment on new scientific findings that are relevant to men's sexual wellness. This week, however, we are breaking the pattern because we are all very excited about a new research that has just gotten funded. Excited enough to comment on it even though there are no findings, yet.

Most of the excitement comes from what Beau Alward, the assistant professor of psychology with a joint appointment in biology said about the scope, "We know androgens like testosterone control social behavior, but in reality, we still do not know precisely what aspects of social behavior androgens regulate and how this is done. We know they affect neurons, but not how they do it."

This is interesting because while there is some awareness of testosterone as a male hormone, and, say, its relationship with male dominance games which correlates it to aggression, the mechanisms of its action are still not very clear.

As we have seen, testosterone levels seem to go up among supporters of a sports team if it wins, or fall among those backing a losing candidate in an elections after the results. Cause and effect in dominance games, therefore, becomes an open question as we see it.

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And we will keep you posted on what Beau Alward finds eventually!