The spectrum of sexual problems and dysfunctions is broad to say the least. The conditions can range from premature ejaculation to erectile dysfunction and loss of sex drive or libido to name a few. Men facing these issues represent a large number and yet the care and attention given to them sometimes falls short.

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It’s not rocket science to guess why this happens. The conversation around men’s sexual dysfunctions somehow always get brushed under the carpet. I want men and loved one’s around them to know this does not help the current scenario. Discrepancies in men’s health are not only common, but also natural. Read below to learn about facts pertaining to problems their sexual health is faced with.

Firstly, an entry into the world of sexual dysfunctions may indicate other uneven functioning of a male body. Many recorded cases show that the loss of libido and inability to get and maintain an erection may indicate other serious issues such as cardiovascular diseases. In fact, even never damage can cause sexual problems.

Erectile dysfunction has often been linked to hormonal transformations in the body and sometimes being a sign of prostate cancer too. The first few indications of diabetes, for example, have been experienced through a change in sex drive and erection patterns. Even in the case of urinary tract issues, premature ejaculation has been an aftereffect.

Secondly, mental health issues may also lead to various types of sexual disorders. There is enough data to testify to the fact that there is a clear link between ED and depression. To know more, feel free to redirect yourself to our blog piece on this specific topic here.

Moreover, the link between mental health medication and sexual dysfunction among men has also been touched upon. Whereas about 50-70 % of men do not experience side effects of mental health medication, it is clear that better sexual functioning is achieved once mental disorders are successfully treated.

Thirdly, gradual shifts in male sexual health are absolutely normal as time passes by. As men age, their arousal time, amount of foreplay and the duration of their erection is naturally altered and may require some more effort than what was required earlier. As long as these changes do not feel sudden and drastic, chill out!

Lastly, I advise you not to overlook the interconnectedness of your body. An enhancement of overall health will surely lead to smoother functioning sexual health. Neurological, psychological and mental functions all interact while sexual acts take place. So remember that and be wholesome!

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Medically reviewed by Rishabh Verma, RP