There is morning wood, then there is arousal erection, and then come those random, unwanted boners that can leave any man embarrassed. While running away from the spot is not always a feasible solution; getting it noticed by people around you is also not an option. I mean, no man wants to face those weird, character judging stares.

So what do you, men, do when such random erections start waving from your bottom? Let me guess! Adjusting it in your waistband, standing in an awkward position, trying to think about something disgusting? But do you really think they work? Well, they do, but after getting your spontaneous salute noticed by a few. However, there is an effective method that can help you get rid of an uninvited boner within 30 seconds. Yes, you read it right.

Flexing any large muscle of your body for 30 seconds and more can help you calm down sudden boner. As per research, flexing the thigh muscles works the best. All you have to do is rest your feet on the toes and push off the floor, pretending you are about to stand up. This will trigger the blood to flow from your penis to your thighs, thus, softening the erection.

According to urologist Jamin Brahmbhatt, flexing a muscle works in two ways. Firstly, it helps the blood flow to shift from the penis to the area of the flexed muscle, and secondly, flexing helps your mind to shift its focus on something else and thus loosens the erection. He further stated that though flexing the thigh muscles work best, any other muscle, if flexed, can help you get rid of unwanted boners.

So next time when you find your guy rising up at a funeral or during a business meeting, do some weird flex, and you'll be fine.

Medically reviewed by Rishabh Verma, RP