In this fast-paced, ultra-modernized world, sexual encounters are happening more quickly than expected. All it takes is just a right swipe and an uber ride. Though the way of meeting and dating has drastically changed over the years, one thing has remained the same, a woman's complain of a smelly penis.

As small as this topic can be for you guys, trust me, your dick appointments can get cancelled if she can't bear the smell of your little man. Getting a warm and long shower isn't always the best case possible, so every man should know the quick ways to get fresh down there when a 'quickie' awaits.

Wash Whenever Possible - The very first rule of a decent smelling penis is to wash it whenever possible. No, I am not asking you to take a bath or rub a soap down there every time you piss. But giving it a quick wash with water and wiping it up with a tissue or toilet paper does no harm. This will keep bacteria away from your dick, and it will not smell like a piece of stale and dried cottage cheese.

Apply Essential Oils - This one might surprise you. Washing your penis with water after you urinate and then applying a few drops of light fragrance essential oil can help your penis in smelling good. The best part about it is that the fragrance of essential oils doesn't stand out strong and mixes well with your body's natural odour. However, make sure you combine it with a carrier oil before applying.

Massage With Coconut Oil - Coconut oil works as an excellent moisturizing ingredient. Moreover, the antibacterial properties of coconut oil reduce sweat formation in the body and between your legs.

Use Wet Wipes - Another easy and quick way to avoid stink down there is to keep wet wipes handy. Wiping off your penis with wet wipes that have a base of an aloe or tea tree can keep fungus and bacteria away, making your penis smell fresh.

Apply Baby Powder - If you don't feel like wetting your dick or you just run out of wipes and water, you can apply baby powder or any mild talcum powder to cut the fishy odour of your penis. Baby powder is made of natural ingredients and can absorb excess sweat from the skin, making your penis smell nice.

Dear men, the bad odour of your dick and balls are a matter of concern. Not only can it make oral sex difficult for your partner, sustaining the bad smell of the penis can invite infection-causing bacteria and fungus. Being sweaty down there is entirely normal, but not doing anything about it isn't. So make sure you pay the same amount of attention to your penis, as you do to the rest of your body.