Junk food has brought to life junk diets and habits, so yes, lifestyle changes would most likely cause a dramatic shift in health. Besides ingesting poisons like plastic and chemicals, it’s not surprising that food can cause our body to go haywire. But how often do we check what’s on our plate?

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is one of the top searches for home remedies - starting with a healthy diet. As much as western medications has its trusted followers - and for a good reason - no one can deny that what’s eaten affects the body. Lifestyle modifications such as improving diet put a priority on health, especially on vascular health. There will always be homegrown cures passed down from generation to generation.

Five foods that can help increase blood flow in your body, including the penis include:

1.    Watermelon: Rich with antioxidants and 92% water, studies show that the fruit helps enhance flow as watermelon has phytonutrients which are antioxidants. The ability of antioxidants to relax blood vessels that supply blood to an erection is a reason this is a fruit that should be talked about.

2.    Dark chocolate: This guilty hack is good for the heart and ED. Dark chocolate is rich in flavanols which lowers blood pressure and increases blood flow - a good concoction for tackling ED. Since ED medications do contain nitric oxide, it is a good thing that dark chocolate helps the body make nitric oxide. Nitric oxide relaxes the muscles of the penis allowing blood flow, so you get the drift.

3.    Fish: Champions like omega-3 fatty acids in fish are allies in fighting ED. The basics of ED treatment is to get the blood pumping and flowing, and fatty acids help in keeping blood vessels healthy. They also prevent inflammation! Salmon and tuna for dinner, anyone?

4.    Pistachios: This great snack doesn’t receive its fair share of praise. The International Journal of Impotence Research found that pistachios in the diet showed improvement in the studied parameters of ED. Why isn’t this snack in most pantries? The improvement in cholesterol levels and blood pressure is a good case to buy them on the next shopping trip probably.

5.    Garlic: Yes, garlic breath is perhaps not a great idea for foreplay, but a breath mint works just fine. There are advantages to including garlic in diet! It helps unclog arteries that could cut off or reduce blood flow. It also helps to prevent heart disease, which - fact time - is linked to ED - so preventing hardening of the arteries is a great plus.

Straightforward advice? A healthy heart and circulation friendly diet is a good bet. If a close eye is kept on food and vascular health, fighting ED is easier.