Stress is usually at least one of the causes of most illnesses. Even though it is common knowledge that stress has negative connotations to health, it’s stressful to try not to stress out. In this world filled with anxiety-ridden text messages and embarrassing social gossip, erectile dysfunction (ED) is also on that list of most illnesses.

The causes of ED isn’t always physical; it can be psychological as well - stress has a great deal to do with psychological sanity. In fact, psychological factors are the most common cause of ED. Shocking? When social anxiety kicks in, keeping unrealistic expectations to avoid a drop in social status should not be the first thought. It is not news that the mind influences a lot of who we are and affects our body.

So why begin yoga only to manage high blood pressure, but not erectile dysfunction? Oh yes, the social acceptance - not worth the discomfort, that’s for sure!  A physical problem also needs some level of psychological training; having a clear mind is calming during treatment. The body listens to the mind’s cues!

So how can stress lead to one of the most common reasons to why men feel insecure in bed? The body is made up of systems that work together to strive for a healthy body. Any disruption to this harmonious system and the body will act, well, weird.

Conditions affecting the mind space such as stress and anxiety can disrupt the signals from the brain to the body causing an odd physical response. Psychological ED usually affects one in the late teens - rightly so - causing them to feel nervous or shy, whereas stress that’s personal or professional is one of the top causes of ED in middle-aged men. Environmental and emotional factors can be improved, so calming down a bit can help the situation.

While stress altering the natural response of the body isn’t bad enough, it can also lead to blood vessels being damaged causing heart disease and increased blood pressure. And yes, stress-induced erectile dysfunction too. Emotions such as feeling inadequate or having low self-esteem can present with physical symptoms such as ED. Performance anxiety may not be easy to get over, but adult communication with no judgement can be a great start. Men should keep the performance judgement aside, and try having a positive mindset, communicating with honesty thereby release some stress.

A man’s state of mind is linked to his ability to perform sexually, but remember that an underlying illness could be causing ED as well. Shove the stigma for a bit and visit a doctor. Health isn’t a social game, and a healthy mind in a healthy body should be the goal. They don’t say mind over matter for nothing.

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