This is a million-dollar question that has infused minds with no gender or age bias. Humans seek to understand what drives their pleasure-seeking activities. Men have taken the hot seat in this conversation simply because of the immense social pressure - positive or negative. It’s either a pedestal to uphold, or a limit to crack - the balance is hard to keep up with. Stereotypes on male sex drives - from being sex machines to not being aroused enough - have been a major Google search topic. What is known about the male sex drive?

Here are the 5 things that will probably help understand why it is what it is.

1.    Men don’t have sex on their minds 24/7 A healthy libido is encouraging, and while women, in general, deem romance as an essential factor in love-making, men are capable of romance as well. They may seem to have a stronger ‘want’ for sex - testosterone and all - but it doesn’t mean that’s the entirety of a man’s thought processes.

2.    It is a myth that men masturbate more than women do, but men are usually exposed to it earlier. Women, now, have become publicly open-minded with conversations surrounding this topic - men have done so in abundance for a while now. They grow curious and are filled with sexual frustration and lack of understanding and start to masturbate at a much younger age than a woman would. Men may begin masturbating at an early age compared to women, but nothing suggests that they do it more than women.

3.    Men need breaks. Did you know that it’s easier for a woman to have an orgasm back-to-back while men have a refractory period of hours, sometimes days, to worry about? If you’ve heard women talk about how men ‘couldn’t last in bed’ then you know where we are going with this. Biology is biology; men need a break before they’re ready for round two.

4.    Testosterone is a part of the mix. This hormone helps with the development of male sex organs - the correlation with sex drive is obvious. If a man has a low sex drive, one of the reasons may be low testosterone - not becuase he isn’t interested in his partner.

5.    Ever heard that men often like morning sex? Testosterone is produced at higher levels in the morning compared to in the night, so the need for pleasure during the wee hours of the morning is valid. On the other side of the radar - testosterone production declines as men age. The decrease in libido as a man ages is due to this decline in testosterone production.