In a recent survey conducted by condom brand Durex, it was found that nearly 74% of the population find sex boring. Amusing? Well, there can be a variety of reasons for the same. We are here to explore some, so let’s find out what is making the most happening act on earth boring.

1.    You’re mentally not fit. This might be a probable case as there are a lot of things that keep on going in our minds throughout the day. And if any of the things are affecting you then sex will be the last thing on your priority list. A cure to this problem can be that you can look out for the possible reason for your depression. Feel free to take any medical help if needed.

2.    You’re physically tired. One more possible reason for you being out of form can be that your daily physical activity is taking a toll on you. You’re not able to rejuvenate yourself in time and henceforth, your performance is bed getting affected. Try maintaining work-life balance and refrain from being under duress because of work.

3.    Low level of testosterone: Having a low level of testosterone may be a possible reason for low sex drive. In this scenario, you must seek professional help. Seek out professional advice without any delay. Being physically inactive If it’s been a while and you haven’t shaken your leg up. It’s high time to do that. Hit the road to the gym or go on a walk. One should start with mild physical activity and see the wonders you do in bed!

4.    Low level of the thyroid: Out of all hormones, the thyroid plays an essential role in building your sex drive. Lower levels of thyroid level can result in erectile dysfunction and hence a low level of sexual drive. It’s always great to have a periodic check and then replenish it with appropriate nutrients as suggested by the doctor.

5.    Disturbed diet plan: Fried, oily, extra salty and spicy food can not only be harmful to your body but can also impact your sexual performance. Eating unhealthy food increases the chances of a cardiovascular issue and makes you feel bloated all the time which in turn can lower your sex drive.

6.    Dehydration: As we know, our body is majorly comprised of water and in case if you choose to skip the major substituent, be ready to face the repercussions. The cause may not be direct, but this can affect you indirectly. Shortage of water can add to other ailments such as headache, fatigue which can lower your sex drive. The solution to overcome is quite simple just remain hydrated.

With simple yet effective measures, all the above can be taken care of. So, next time if you feel that your performance is getting up to the mark, you might want to check if any of the above is pulling you down in bed.