One of the first symptoms for heart disease is, in fact, erectile issues, and that’s because when blood vessels are involved, your penis gets the brunt of it too. It results in reduced blood flow to the penis leading to men being unable to get or maintain an erection - in simple terms; they would be experiencing erectile dysfunction (ED).

There are many reasons as to why men can experience ED, with both psychological and physical factors at play. Many things are going on in your body for it to result in a hard-on. A problem with any of the processes involved could affect your Lil’ johnson and his ability to reach full attention. Blood circulation, the amount of testosterone, your mental involvement, and the jerky nerves all play a role - most don’t realize this, but it’s not always your penis’ fault.

Most popularly said to occur in men higher on the age scale, the fact is that men above the age of even 60 can be sexually content with perfectly fine erections. These days, men younger than 40 are diagnosed with ED - so age isn’t the soul-bearing factor. Younger men have a ton of performance anxiety to tie into a social acceptance cult, leading them to believe their inadequacies will have them cursed and should always be hushed. The simple truth is that your mental state matters, and it’s no wonder younger men are experiencing ED more - they are afraid to ask for help.

There are said to be five common causes of ED:

endocrine diseases, neurological disorders, prescribed medications, cardiovascular conditions, and bad lifestyle habits. These affect the production of hormones affecting reproduction and sexual function. Disorders affecting the brain could dwell on wrong signals to organs, while cardiovascular problems affect the blood circulation in the body. Prescription medications such as those used to treat high BP or antidepressants have ED as a side effect too.

So how does heart disease tie into all this jazz? In older men, physical factors play more of a role than psychological factors. Medical conditions such as heart disease, atherosclerosis, and high blood pressure (BP) are usually involved in the diagnosis as well. All the above medical conditions have something to do with the heart - it’s like your body is letting you know you’re due for a heart check-up when you experience ED.

Of course, this is a win for the medical community and the individual itself because way too many skip out on necessary doctor visits. This enables people to help themselves before it’s too late. If the underlying heart condition is treated, the frustration may go away, too, in most cases.

ED can occur at any age; in younger men, it comes with more of a psychological concern, while in older men, a physical concern seems imminent.

While ED is the saddest of woes to many of the male gender, it has been uncovered to have the ability to save lives possibly. It could be a warning sign and is one that should definitely not be ignored. It is considered an early symptom of a heart condition. If you have ED and have not visited a doctor, we recommend you do so. For your sake and that of your penis and heart.