In any nutritional supplements store, you will find that the big jars of protein dominate the shelf space. And for good reason. People who want muscles need to get in a lot of protein.

Then there are products that claim to increase testosterone. Back of pack readings of these will reveal, typically, Tribulus terristris, known in India as Gokshura. While it plays a vital role in the Ayurvedic system, specially in fertility solutions, there is little or no evidence to suggest that it promotes increase of lean muscle mass, as these products claim. In fact, a randomised control trial suggests that it has no effect! You can read the study here.

Now Tesnor(TM), a proprietary herbal extract, is clinically proven to boost testosterone. Being herbal in origin, it has the comforting quality of relatively low side effects, but unlike Tribulus terristris, it has scientific proof on its side.

It is for this reason that Misters Daily Josh, the first product to be formulated with Tesnor in India, is turning out to be such a runaway hit in the nutrition supplements space!