While waves of startups have been sweeping across several categories in India, men's sexual wellness has mostly been untouched by entrepreneurship. It still is very much like it used to be. Think of the classified ads section in the newspaper or the wall paintings around the highway, and you will see advertisement making tall claims in big, bold and colourful fonts.

There is good reason to not trust the wide number of advertisements in the space. Most of the claims are unsubstantiated and the prices they sell products for are exorbitant. Misters is different, because the people behind it are different. As alumni of the IIMs, and celebrated entrepreneurs, they are the right team to bring about the startup revolution to the men's sexual wellness category.

Misters is hoping to emerge as a brand on the basic of its understanding of the male experience, as well as its understanding of the science.

So, for example, Misters Daily Josh, the flagship product is formulated with Tesnor(TM), a proprietary herbal extract clinically proven to boost testosterone. It is well known that with age testosterone declines steadily, and sometimes leads to a wide set of issues such as increase in stress and anxiety, sleep difficulties, and indeed a decline in libido and sexual function. Misters Daily Josh therefore helps men fight these symptoms of ageing, and it has been clinically proven to boost testosterone.

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This is just one example. To know more about Misters products, you can check them out on the website yourself!

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