Women have got the extraordinary talent to fake orgasm, and the worst is that men are clueless about it. Out of love, your partner might have made you a sex god but, how good you are at catching those psychological signs she gives you. These signs tell how well you both are synced with each other and to what extent you are able to charm her. In the heat of the moment, you might not notice these elusive signals, but she is definitely full of mystery. If you learn to decode her moves, you really can figure out her level of excitement and arousal.

Women usually enter a trance-like state when she has got the rush for her orgasm. Your orgasm or demands won’t matter much as during this; she is more focused on what she wants first. She cannot concentrate on you because of the heat that you manage to build inside her. How do you figure out? Is there any clue that tells you are rocking her world and that she is enjoying and satisfied? Read below!

A partner in crime

Men are adventurous, but women—they might not easily open up to your ideas. For example, you might want to jump straight into doing the “thing”; however, your partner, as most women like to be warmed-up first. Experts say that many things that can be normally painful, ticklish, or even comfortable turn into pleasure when she is aroused. She can take up all your wild ideas like oral, sex toys, etc. will become your true partner in crime.


Sex is the intimate moment among couples as they get to build real connections. It is not just about how well you perform in bed. Does she stay back after sex, or she leaves the bed? Does she like snuggling with you or she moves on wearing her clothes back and then to do her work or maybe to read, watch tv, etc. If she’s a busy girl and at times she jumps out of bed after a quickie, you can relax back. Post great sex, she should ask you to cuddle and spend time snuggling her to maintain your connection.

No awkwardness or grossing out

A lot of things about sex or sexual contact might seem disgusting to many. Sweat and other body fluids released during sex and body odor are a few things that might be bothersome for your partner. This happens when they see things from a non-sexual context. If she is open towards you, she might tell you, but what if you are so good in the bed that she can’t resist? Imagine you come after the gym, and she jumps on you without caring how sweaty or stinky you might be. Experts say that lowered inhibitions also mean lowered disgust mechanism during sex. So, does she get grossed out?

Loves to talk about sex

A good intimate relationship is mostly about the comfort level you and your partner have developed together. It is the bases of a strong relationship; therefore, if she brings any topic about sex, you must encourage her to be open. It is a common phenomenon for that people often feel shy about telling new things they want to try in bed or how well they can improve their sex life together. It shows how positive she is towards building up the relationship stronger by proposing better ways or letting you have more of all the things that you want to do to her.

If she shows the signs mentioned above, likely, you are indeed a sex god to her. You are lucky as these factors above say a lot about her sex drive, arousal, and how you both enjoy the sexual pleasure together during your private bedroom sessions.

How to know you are keeping her satisfied in bed