With premature ejaculation (PE) affecting enough of the male statistic to become a talked-about issue, effective solutions are being sought out. PE affects many sex lives – it’s when ejaculation occurs sooner than what a man and their partner are comfortable with. There is no real number when it comes to how long sex is supposed to last. While some therapists say 3-7 minutes, others consider above 10 minutes the “best deal”. Either way, it’s a personal preference and does affect the male ego to an uncomfortable extent.

With science at arm’s reach, medical treatments have become normalised among the males. Yet, a social stigma is still present, so the effectiveness of these medical solutions is needed for the payout to be worthy.

Lidocaine is considered by some to be the first-line treatment for premature ejaculation - so it’s effectiveness is trusted in the medical community. Although PE is not always physical - there have been critics that bring up the fact that lidocaine does not take into account the psychological aspect of PE. As a solution though, it has fewer side effects and has been used safely for decades in the medical community - which is reassuring. Its advantages being that it is FDA approved, inexpensive, readily available, works effectively for most men and is easy on the individual compared to taking a pill.

Used as a spray or a cream, it is applied to the underside of the head and shaft of your penis, about 10-15 minutes before sex. The instructions also say to rub it in a circular pattern until it is absorbed. The tip or glans of your penis is the most sensitive to touch, so lidocaine helps during sex and foreplay.  It reduces the sensation or sensitivity of the penis during intercourse, in turn helping by delaying ejaculation. Sensitivity is considered to be one of the most common causes of PE, so this is quite a simple solution. It’s not a crazy feeling - the penis does not go completely numb, that would defeat the purpose entirely.

The penis loses sensory details that are minimal, and can almost feel like wearing more than one condom. You’ll feel a little less sensitive during sex, so the chance of PE reduces.  People that are keen on science see this as a solution, but it does come with some ego impact. Excusing yourself during a moment to use a spray or ointment may be the end of that moment, but then again a satisfying sexual experience is the goal too.

It’s a double-edged sword, but lidocaine is an effective option for PE. PE is a difficult experience to endure, for you and your partner, but it can be treated - quite effectively too! While creams and sprays are commonly used to treat PE, there are other options a doctor can help with. If this penis numbing solution helps with your psyche during sex, there is no reason why lidocaine shouldn’t be considered - pending a doctors approval of course. Don’t just go numbing your penis without careful advice and instruction.