"93% of people who say they have incredible sex are likely to be proactive goal setters", according a study by sex toys company CalExotics.

Well, one could fixate over the obvious conflict of interest in that study (fair point, clearly, given that a sex toy company will benefit if people make a list of goals that has, 'use a sex toy', as one of the items), or one could try out a list oneself.

I mean, a list of goals  can't hurt, can it? Lists are almost universally useful. At work, at home. So, might as well have a list for sex, I say.

And if your list says just, 'have sex', then you may not be going about it right.

Here are some pointers to a handy sex-list:

1. List of places

This could start from finding unlikely places around the house. Say, the kitchen or even just the living room as the venue that is hitherto untried. There are frontiers that will take more gumption, of course. Cinema hall, the park after dark, a public place...the world is your oyster, my friend, but remember, it wasn't me who asked you to break the law.

2. List of times

This may not seem as intuitive as 1, but think about it. Is your sex limited to the night? If yes, then maybe 11:30 AM will be excitingly transgressive. Try it out. And other such.

3. List of positions

Greetings from the land of the Kamasutra! Yes, positions. What have you not tried? What is next on your list of positions to try? Figure out your answers and put them down on a list, and then, one-by-one knock items off there.

4. Multidimensional list

This one is for the list master! This position, that time, that place, sort of thing. For maths aficionados, we know that the permutations and combinations themselves can be quite delicious, but do not forget, my friend, that it is about the sex.

And just in case you are wondering whether you are up for all of this change, don't fret, most dearest, I have got your back...here, a handy quiz that you can complete in four minutes and find your way to pulling off all that's on your list!