From Thailand comes news of a man who had a metal ring stuck to his penis for four months, who finally had to be operated after unbearable pain.

The man—unnamed in news reports, for good reason—believed that wrapping metal around the penis will increase the size. Obviously that did not happen. What did happen that the stainless steel wire ring that he used for this objective, got stuck to the penis.

The story seems farcical, but given the quest of tens of millions of men to try out method after method to increase penis size, it has a somewhat familiar ring to it.

It is important for men to know three things when it comes to penis size:

1. There are no known, scientifically proven non-surgical method to increase penis size.

2. Size isn’t everything. You can be a very good lover with a relatively small penis.

3. It is quite likely that even if you are anxious about penis size, you may have a normal sized penis. Link below to index your penis size basis a scientifically conducted and reviewed study.

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And some things are easy to see. Men hardly ever index penis size to other men. Instead they hear accounts from other men about penis size. These accounts are almost always unreliable.

Indexing size to actors in porn films is also not a good idea. Those actors are chosen for a reason.

This anxiety that men carry leads to nothing good. If anything it is likely to make one a worse lover, like indeed any other anxiety.

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