This one is an odd story. Iconic rapper, 50 Cent is suing a Florida ‘medical spa’ for unauthorised use of his picture in an ad for penis enhancement surgery!

His position seems rather plausible. He reckons he posed with the promoter of this spa assuming they are a fan. And then this!

Can imagine his consternation, but the case has set up some obvious jokes. Broadly of the variety that he actually needed penis enhancement, but doesn’t want the ad. While 50 Cent may—almost certainly, will—win the case, the jokes will stay.

Seems like a can’t-win situation, right?

Well, no, wrong.

Win or lose in court, the sting will be taken out of the jokes if 50 Cent is at peace with his penis size.

That’s the big lesson for men. Finding that peace should be easy as most men who are insecure about their penis size, have no reason—statistically speaking—for this insecurity.

You can take this self assessment to index your penis size yourself.

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Also important to remember that there are no scientifically proven, non-surgical methods to increase penis size anyway. And only a minority of men should even consider the surgical method. Perhaps only if you below the 5th percentile? In that case you may want to meet a specialist.

In all cases, please stay clear of unscrupulous dealers making magical claims about how their products—typically capsules, creams and oils—will increase penis size. These products will not increase penis size. Period.

Meanwhile, our best wishes to 50 Cent!

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