For a piece that we wrote recently–in which we tried to articulate the role women could possibly play in men's sexual wellness–we got a lot of feedback. Enough to merit a follow-up.

First things first, we do not recommend a shift in the burden for men's sexual wellness on to women, given that we completely appreciate that women have to typically carry more than their fair share of caregiving. The ideal situation is that men free themselves of the stigma that is self-enforced when it comes to their sexual wellness. Given cultural pressures, men start looking at needing something for sexual wellness as a sign that they are not men enough. The stress this clearly creates is not great for the couple, even though the woman in the relationship (we are assuming heterosexual relationships here) has done nothing to make the man feel like he does! Therefore we suggest that men be nudged to take the sexual wellness self-assessment and act on what they find themselves.

The Sex Self-Assessment

The other point, the specific one for which the first piece was written, is that given greater awareness of menopause among women, there is a case for men to learn from them on how to prepare for ageing. While ageing is universal fact, men seem very unprepared for it in terms of recognising changes in the body. Their testosterone declines steadily after early adulthood, and the decline is correlated with increased irritability, increased stress and anxiety, more sleep issues, loss of physical strength and decline in sexual function. However, unlike women, men do not do anything about ageing. And yet, the increased irritability of men, and everything else has an impact on the life and happiness of women too.

As Daily Josh helps boost testosterone naturally, it is the ideal daily supplement for men, and we hope that learning from the women in their lives, more and more men will switch to it to age better! That in a nutshell was the point of the first piece. And therefore we standby our special coupon code for women, WPOWER that leads to a 35% discount on Misters Daily Josh!

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