According to report in the Daily Mail cited by the New York Post (yes, the 1-2 (or 2-1) of the post-truth news world), there is some hope yet for the missionary.

Citing research done on positions most likely to lead to a woman's orgasm, through measurement of blood flow, a derivative of the missionary--with the woman's hips propped up on a pillow--seems to have performed the best.

We will be looking at this research more closely in the day to come and shall keep you posted, but the fact that there is some sort of a resurgence of support for a position seen as representative of all that is unimaginative in sex, is very interesting.

The research seems to indicate some relationship between face-to-face positions and greater blood flow to the clitoris. A useful beacon for experimental lovers?
More on all this soon, but we must note that the research team leader's name is Dr. Kimberley Lovie. Brilliant. Apposite. What a world!