This recent brouhaha around Ranveer Singh’s (almost) naked photoshoot piqued our interest.

First, given that we are in the space we are in, people shared the news expecting a reaction. And that made us think that full frontal nudity has happened. Turned out to be not the case, obviously.

So why did so many lose their shirts over it? (sorry, it’s the kind of story that makes such metaphors inevitable.)

Talking Sex | The (Almost) Naked Man Podcast

It seems that like for so many things, the patriarchy is to blame. Mostly because the availability of such content is supposed to ‘corrupt’ otherwise profoundly innocent women.

What made the public response absolutely compelling was that leading women of Bollywood led the defence. Vidya Balan’s, “Arré, humé bhi to aankhein sekhné dijiye,” is a comment that is clearly one for the hall of fame. Taking a go-to euphemism used by men for ogling at women in public spaces, and throwing it right back is genius. Well played!

The controversy took focus away from the tastefulness of the photoshoot itself, we thought. A photographer being able to make such a well known face incidental in the frame, while setting up such a celebration of the male form is an achievement worth noting. More so that the controversy is now (justifiably) beginning to seem like a storm in a teacup.

We doff our hats to the courage of the star, and the talent of the photographer. And wonder, what next in this arc of celebrities causing outrage!

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