Sometimes we unnecessarily complicate our lives by believing and following certain things. And we continue to repeat them and then regret the outcomes. We end up losing confidence and sometimes it affects our relationship with people around us. Everybody has their own perspective about hair care routine. It’s high time to realize those mistakes and bring out the best version of you. It is, after all, never too late to give up your bad habit and begin with a positive attitude. Some misplaced beliefs regarding hair loss are-

Myth #1: Over-shampooing makes you lose your hair

Fact- One should kick out this infamous belief. There is nothing healthier than clean hair. The scalp produces sebum which attracts dust and pollutants. You can choose mild shampoo or hair cleansers to remove the sebum but keeping that sebum in your dirty head would cause hair fall.

Myth #2: Men go bald only after 50

Fact- Hormonal surge and male pattern baldness can occur at any age. Alopecia can be an indicator of an underlying disease or may be an outcome of your unhealthy lifestyle and stress levels. You really need to keep a check on it.

Myth #3: The more you trim your hair, the faster it grows.

Fact- Since we are aware of the fact that hair grows from the roots and not the tips, I think we all agree here that any trendy haircut is absolutely unrelated to hair growth. Hair will grow at their own pace. And if you think shaving your head would benefit you, the answer is no. The number of follicles present inside scalp determines your hair density.

Myth #4: Let it dry naturally.

Fact- Well, if you have short or mid-length hair, your hair would dry on their own. But if you have beautiful long hair, then you shouldn’t wait for evaporation. The longer the water stays in your hair, it will swell the pores and washes out the keratin making your hair strand prone to breakage. It is prudent to use blow dryers with controlled heat and safe distance.

Myth #5: If you pluck a grey hair, you’ll get more in its place.

Fact- I know most of us believe this, but to our surprise, it’s a myth. The greying of hair can occur due to deficiency of vitamins and other micro-nutrients. Plucking them out is never advised as it can damage the follicle or can cause bald patches.

Myth 6: Styling hair every day makes them manageable.

Fact- Give yourself a break from the same hairstyles as they can cause a specific form of alopecia. Using hair extensions or high buns are in vogue but not every day. Traction forces due to tight buns over a long period causes permanent damage to hair follicles, and you can start noticing receding hairline and thinning of your hair. Loosen up your hair, set them free and let them breathe.

Myth #7- Brush 100 strokes a day for healthy hair.

Fact- Brushing generates friction that can make hair ends brittle and weak. Brushing frequently distributes the oil from the scalp throughout the length and attracts more dust. Brushing should be done as and when needed gently. Never brush your wet hair.

Myth #8: Using a conditioner causes hair- fall.

Fact- A nourishing conditioner should be a part of your hair care regime. It can detangle your wet hair and make them more smooth and manageable, providing them with a natural healthy look. Some leave-in conditioners can protect your hair from styling damage and pollutants. Abandoning them is definitely something you shouldn’t even think about.

Myth #9: Haircare products cause hair loss.

Fact- The market is flooded with a variety of hair products that claim to benefit your hair in every way. Such products are loaded with chemicals or substances which may not accord with your hair and eventually cause hair fall. Don’t fall for alluring advertisement, see an expert and let him guide you with right kind of products that will suit your hair.


Myth #10- Dandruff occurs only on dry scalp.

Fact- Dryness can occur on dry as well as oily scalp. Its severity depends on your hair routine. It resolves on its own if proper measures are taken. However, in chronic cases, it not only causes itchiness of scalp, but it progresses to fungal infection or other inflammatory conditions. Try anti-dandruff shampoo enriched with zinc pyrithione or salicylic acid. Consult a dermatologist for appropriate treatment.

Medically reviewed by Rishabh Verma, RP