Commonly referred to as nutgrass and locally called Nagarmoth, Cyperus scariosus is a plant belonging to the Cyperaceae family. A calming river plant, it is home to the state of Madhya Pradesh in India. Vastly, intricately and globally spread amidst tropical and temperate regions, the ancient Ayurvedic text of Charaka Samhita also mentions this herb.

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Growing to about 1800 metres, its leaves are elongated, bearing fruit almost all throughout the year with an excess in rainy and wet climes. Apart from its beneficial uses for hair health, Nagarmoth is prescribed for medicinal purposes such as managing fevers, disorders of the digestive system and dysmenorrhea or pain menstruation among women.

To give you a sneak peek into just how cool this herb is for your hair, let’s look at some research. Nagarmoth in the form of an essential oil, α and β pinene being the active constituents at 0.2% was reported to have significant antimicrobial activity. This means you can wave bacteria, fungus and conditions like excess dandruff occurring from the imbalance of the Pitta or Kapha doshas, goodbye by using it.

In addition, It’s rich content of antioxidants helps to prevent scalp inflammation.

Moreover, it’s oil form, when tested on rats, in comparison with standard 2% Minoxidil was reported to provide best results causing an enlargement of follicular size and prolongation to the anagen phase of the hair cycle. This is especially great news for men suffering from chronic hair related challenges such as Androgenic Alopecia and Male Pattern Baldness.

It is known to eradicate split ends, nurture the scalp adequately, provide it with nourishment, do away with scalp dryness and limit hair damage. You can de-stress your follicles with Nagarmoth which is, in case you were wondering, perfectly suitable for all hair types. It has the ability to not only improve blood circulation thereby repairing damaged hair, but also stimulate hair growth making sure your receding hairline is replaced with lustrous hair.

Medically reviewed by Rishabh Verma, RP