Everyday our call centre receives hundreds of calls in which men are looking for a way to increase penis size. Desperately seeking. A similar number is looking for ways to find "more sex power" (which covers the spectrum from better erections to lasting longer.)
In this quest there are things Misters products do (better erections, for example, through Misters Bold or lasting longer with Enhance) and things Misters products can't like increasing penis size. There is no scientifically known non-surgical method to increase penis size, in fact.
Yet, there are several products that claim this? And several men who buy products claiming this. Why?

Well, in our conversations with men about why they desperately want to increase size, overwhelmingly the answer is that they want to, 'satisfy [their] partner.' This makes it seem like women's pleasure is high up on men's priorities during sex, but at the same time, only ~8% men report talking to their partners about sex.

We think this has to change. It is in men's interest to understand what their partners like in sex. To do more of that. To talk.
Not doing all of this is a recipe for anxiety.
And having this conversation is, by extension, a path to happiness.

And if you want expert advice on how to have this conversation, just write in to conversation@misters.in and we will chip in with the best expert advice.